Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sydney Blues Barbecue and Kickabout

Gav and Adz from the Facebook group have organised a little get-together for next weekend, Sunday 11 July, at Centennial Park.

This is what Gav has to say on the matter:
"Hey guys,

It's been an interesting season, a strange post-season and it's going to be a rollercoaster next season! So, let's get together before Adam goes travelling, and I go to Japan for a few weeks.

So, bring yourself, some beer and some grub for a picnic and BBQ and we'll have a kickabout with some City fans and some friends. Everyone is dead friendly, so don't worry if you know no-one, drop me a line first if you're worried.

Bring some buddies and we can have a bit of a friendly kickabout, and chat. Jumpers for goalposts and all that - if you've got mates from other teams, so much the better and it will be City vs the Rest of The World! You don't have to play if you've got a good excuse!

City 'til we all die. Hopefully not until we've won a cup!"
Please follow the link here for more details. Anyone is welcome to tag along, whether they be Blues or otherwise. I'll also be accepting orders and payment for the new home kit, as first metioned here.

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  1. Don't be shy, come down and meet everyone and have a good laugh and a friendly kick around


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