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Next live screening at Cheers Bar:

Time difference = 9 hours (3pm ko England = midnight Sydney)

Where can I watch Manchester City in Sydney?

Our home ground is Cheers Bar, on George Street, Sydney. Fortunately, it's a great central location next to Town Hall Station. Unfortunately, it's sometimes full of Irish Rags. But we're working on that...

Cheers is just one of eight venues world-wide recognised as a "Heart of the City" — a site officially endorsed by Manchester City.

Games against the "Super Sky Four", and Liverpool (arf!) are the most likely to be shown, but there are City fans there almost every week. It doesn't matter if you haven't been before — we're an inclusive bunch and we always love to meet new Blues.

Cheers is located at 561 George Street, near the corner of Liverpool Street, just two minutes walk from either Town Hall or Museum station and five minutes from Central. View the map here.

Australian Facebook Communities

We're committed to spreading the word of Manchester City all around this fine nation, not just in Sydney. Join a facebook group that is relevant to your location to get the latest news on meet-ups and screenings in your captial city.

Who are the Sydney Blues?

The Sydney Blues are a wide and varied number, and any fans are welcome to come and join us on a match day down at Cheers. Whether you're a City fan, a potential City fan, you support another team, or just want to watch a game featuring the team everyone is talking about, come on down! There are usually at least a dozen of us for games, but the 'usual suspects' are...

Matt "Crouchy" Coleman
Matt is one of the founders of the Sydney Blues, and responsible for most of the day-to-day running of the club — such as the maintenance of this rubbish blog, Facebook and Twitter, and the organisation of live screenings.

Brendan "Brendo the Jet" Smith
Along with Matt, Brendo is the other original Sydney Blue. They met back in the dark old days of route-one football under Stuart Pearce, huddled around a TV in some random Sydney pub with an audience of only two. He has also been known to knock up a mean banner using only a blue bedsheet and a can of spray paint.

In his spare time, he likes to play rugby league for the Newtown Jets and punch on at Hungry Jacks at 4 in the morning.

Gavin "Huddo" Hudson
Gav is the obligatory ex-pat of the group, and was only asked to join the Sydney Blues to add some Mancunian credibility.

Being a Pom, Gav is rubbish at sports and bathing regularly. Seemingly he is struggling to acclimatise to the hot weather here in Australia, as he always has a glass of drink in his hand, we assume for re-hydration purposes. Beer is 95% water, right? But he has a vast network of other ex-pats at his disposal and is a vital member of the Sydney Blues setup.

Alright, what's the deal with Blue Roo?

Many people, here and overseas, have asked the question: "what the hell is with that inflatable kangaroo"? Well, it's simple. That's Blue Roo, and he is the Sydney Blues' mascot. He attends all of the live screenings at Cheers, and should a member of the club be lucky enough to head overseas and catch a game live, we always try to make sure that Blue Roo is there too. The game that he attends is then added to his t-shirt.

So if you're ever in England, and you see someone holding Blue Roo, please come and introduce yourself. Because there's a huge chance that that person has flown an awfully long way to be there.

You can also add Blue Roo on Facebook too!

Sydney Blues Hall of Fame

For those who's stay in Sydney is only a temporary one. They've all left a lasting impression at Cheers Bar before moving back home or continuing their travels around this dry, brown land.

Andy Wynne (April 2009 — February 2010)
Adam Sherratt (August 2009 — February 2010)
Jamie Gallagher (Season 2009)
Janakan Seemampillai (15 August 2009 — 15 August 2009)
Simon Hill (21 February 2010, 14 August 2010)
Spencer Prior (to be confirmed)
Stephen Kinsey (February 2011)