Monday, January 25, 2010

Song For A Future Generation?

We've recently been tinkering with the blog and introducing a few changes... but this next one is likely to be one of the biggest.

When we discussed the idea of setting up the blog, it was simply designed to act as a tool to connect and introduce other Manchester City fans in Sydney (and to a lesser extent, all around the country). Originally, there was not going to be a large focus on news or match reports, as there are other blogs out there that do it much better than here.

Analysing the visits to the site reveals that the amount of people who find the blog from North America and the United Kingdom is about two-thirds of the number that visit from here in Australia. We do have a lot of visitors from overseas, and using the name Sydney Blues in somewhat insular. We are also going to grant access to those fans in Melbourne and Brisbane so they can also post their news.

Very shortly the official name of the blog will change to Lesson In Pride. This was chosen for a number of reasons, predominately because it features in one of our best songs, but also because as any City fan in Australia can attest, following the Blues from 10000 miles away surrounded by Rag glory hunters really is a lesson in pride.

One of the main frustrations is that the blog name, the twitter account, and the domain name (mcfcaus) don't match. As a result, the address of the blog will eventually move to, with a look to our own domain. The content and layout will stay exactly the same... just renamed. The focus is still very much on events in Sydney, with a smattering of news from back in England. This won't change.

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us in the usual ways. It'd be good to hear your feedback.

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