Sunday, January 24, 2010

Plenty of outs... but where are the ins?

The first three weeks of the transfer window were rather uneventful — especially considering our untold wealth — with Patrick Vieira the only addition.

However, there has been a flurry of activity recently, unfortunately all in the wrong direction.

Felipe Caicedo's loan at Sporting was terminated, and he has moved to Malaga until the rest of the season. And Jo — the significantly more expensive, and slightly more shit striker — has moved from Everton to Galatasaray to join such luminaries as Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill, and Elano.

And in a good move for all concerned parties, Vladimir Weiss will go on loan to Bolton. He gets valuable Premiership experience that he just couldn't get here, with the advantage of not having to move house, with Bolton just up the road. And Bolotn get a bloody good player. Can't wait to see him get some games.

And then... there's Robinho, who may be loaned back to his original Brazilian club, Santos. Robinho's case is a tricky one — there is no doubt he has been a disappointment this season, and his perceived lack of effort and care is concerning. But, in fairness to him, it was his signing that started the ball rolling. That showed the world's players that City are an attractive prospect (if only for the wages). So we owe him thanks for that, at least.

Where's the players to replace them? Get spending Robbie!

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