Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mancini bar scarves available

Ever wanted to be a successful Manchester City manager? You need a few things, such as tactical nous, a slightly greying windswept bouffant, the ability to fit the phrase "very important" into every sentence, and a cool looking scarf.

You can get one step closer, with the 'Mancini bar scarf', available soon on the Official Site. I don't know how practical it will be to wear a scarf considering it's well over 30 degrees at the moment, but hey.

Besides, I was rocking this look back as early as November — if anything he stole it off me!

They will retail at £8 each (rip-off), but if you want to get one, grab some other gear as well because of the £15 postage (bigger rip-off). If enough people want one, I can do a bulk order to save cash.


  1. If you spend over £50 at the moment, then postage is free!

  2. Yeah, i'll be interested if we can get enough people...
    if we can get 7 people who want one then postage is free =)

  3. I'm keen to buy one!


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