Friday, July 2, 2010

Yaya Toure Joins the Blue Revolution

Announced on the Official Site.

Toure is more of a classical box-to-box midfielder, who is as competent in attack as he is defense — which contrasts nicely with the slightly more defensive traits of De Jong, Barry, and Vieira.

Much like David Silva, he has won trophies and played in long campaigns in which the team has had to fight on both the domestic and European fronts.

Bobby Manc had the unfortunate task of revealing yet another signing: "This is another fantastic signing for Manchester City, and I am very pleased Yaya has joined us, he is a very good player.

"Everyone knows Yaya is a player that we have admired for a long time, and we would like to welcome him to Manchester City. He has played at the top level with Barcelona and I am sure he his experience and ability will be very important for us."

I just hope he fits in quicker than he brother Kolo, who earned the nickname "Toure-ttes" among Sydney fans due to his inconsistent performances at the back...

We're definitely starting to assemble a side that can not only challenge for the top four, but dare I say it, the League as well... happy days.

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  1. Another fine signing- get another couple of good names in and I feel there is no doubt that we could challenge it dare I say it for the league. A cup final and top 4 has to be an absolute minimum for 2010-11.


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