Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Torres and Garry Cook's Financial Troubles

Now, usually I'd treat anything that 'Arry Redknapp says as being about accurate as my shooting with a Jabulani.
However, when he claims to know some inside transfer gossip, you should probably listen. (here and here)
"Manchester City could quite easily win the Premier League. If they get the players in now, they've already got the nucleus of a good team," the 63-year-old told Talksport.
"They're in for Torres - and if they end up getting him and one or two others then they can do anything.
"It's going to make it even harder to make the top four again next season, that's for definite."
Torres is a fantastic player, and would be an asset to any side in the world. At the moment, however he is looking like a shadow of his former self - if you believe that he's got the class to come back (as I do) then now might be the perfect time for Liverpool to offload him. It's very unlikely that he'd move to us, let's be honest, but the signing of his compatriot, fellow Spanish bench-warmer David Silva, might just be an incentive. That and Sheikh Mansour getting Khaldoon Al Mubarak to point his money hose in El NiƱo's general direction and opening the tap.

In addition, his injury in the World Cup Final UFC tag-team match between Las Tarjetas Amarillas and De Gele Kaarte have put a further twist into the tale. Who would sign an injured player? I don't think Roman Abrahmovic is quite so free and easy with his cash these days. It didn't seem to stop us signing RSC...

We at LessonInPride have been unable to confirm or deny sightings of a man matching Garrrrry Cook's description at the Manchester branch of the First Gulf Bank, frantically attempting to cancel a cheque with "at least 15 zero's on it", according to reports...


  1. Trying to work this out. Is it humour or serious comment? Either way glad Torres will not be going to City. I think you will find it hard to find any City fans who want him there.

  2. edin dzeko any day of the week not torres

  3. Torres is Class. His prolonged injury is down to Rafa who was too scared to loose him for more than 2/3 games and therefore wouldn't sanction an operation he needs, then came the WC. The lad needs a 3 month break to get everything sorted, with City's squad and financial resources we are the only club Fernando will join - Fantastic player.


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