Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sydney Blues to appear on BBC Radio

It's a week that keeps on getting bigger for the Sydney Blues — we have been approached by BBC Radio to appear on their match day programme (is appear the right word?) on the eve of the match to talk about the Derby.

I've done a couple of these interviews before — one before the last home Derby in November and another one after the Stoke match in January. However, these only appeared on the BBC World Service, which judging by the emails they receive, is only broadcast in Nigeria and Senegal. But this interview will be on the Beeb in Manchester, and it will be great promotion for the blog and the Sydney Blues cause.

With his broadcast experience, it was decided it would be best if Brendo took the reins for this one.

Besides, I wasn't expecting another appearance on the BBC, after being under the influence of alcohol in my last interview. How was I supposed to know that you can't say "we played shit" on the national broadcaster?

I'll put a word in to a few people over there and hopefully we can get a recording of Brendo's interview.

Every bit of publicity is good for us, as we try to build the profile of the Blues down-under. We're starting to make waves and attract the attention of the people that matter.

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