Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sydney Blues double header: Sydney v North Queensland and City v Arsenal

It was a night to remember for the Sydney Blues — except after the amount of alcohol consumed, I don't think many people will. A top night that started at the Sydney Football Stadium for the clash between Sydney FC and North Queensland Fury.

A vast majority of fans where there to catch ex-Liverpool legend (and ex-City waster) Robbie Fowler, and he didn't disappoint, snaring the only goal.

The main event though in our eyes was of course City v Arsenal, and an amazing performance by the lads on the pitch was matched by those off it at Cheers, singing and yelling long into the night.

Here's a selection of grabs.

Sydney Blues go bananas in front of the Cove.

Ex-City player Robbie Fowler nets for the Fury.

Even the Rags were impressed by City's performance.

It's always fantastic to see new faces, and I hope those newbies that enjoyed themselves make the effort on Sunday for the match against the Rags.

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