Monday, September 21, 2009

Derby Day at Cheers

It was a night of incredible highs, and devastating lows... and even a trip to emergency thrown in for good measure! Just like at Old Trafford, a small pocket of Blues were able to quite comfortable outsing the Rags (with the exception of two minutes after each United goal). Wild celebrations were to be had after both Bellamy goals — got showered with beer after the first one, and ended up on the floor after the second.

The lads at Cheers (and there were plenty of them) did themselves and the club proud. With the exception of myself of course, taking out a stack of glasses could have injured someone and was not big or clever, and I now have seven stitches to show for my stupidity. Although, that Rag who threw the plastic schooner glass from the balcony really needs his head read. Hopefully, next live screening will have a little less of the "George Street Hooligans" element...

All that aside, it was a great night had by all (until the seventh minute of injury time of course) and as always, it's fantastic to see new faces.

Best looking bunch of fans, if nothing else.

Subtle swipe at the Rags on the top left of this photo...

Half time and the mood is jubilant.

A really tough loss to take, but we'll turn them over on our own patch later in the year. Keep the faith Blues.

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