Saturday, August 29, 2009

Third Kit details released — order through Sydney Blues

It was confirmed earlier in the week that this Sunday's clash with Portsmouth will see the debut of this seasons' third kit. City have today released a clearer photo of the new shirt and details about how to get it. You can view that story here.

The kit will be available to pre-order from Friday, 4 September and will go on general sale from Saturday, 26 September.

I think I cracked a semi looking at that photo, and believe me, it wasn't because of Robi's alluring gaze... That shirt is absolutely breath-taking.

Just like the home kit before it, I will be taking orders for the third kit, as well as any orders for the home or away kits. All shirts will be priced at $80 each, not inclusive of postage or PayPal fees if you choose to pay in this way.

I've had to increase the postage cost to $8 per lot this time, as I will be using registered post only. Australia Post managed to lose of the kits from the last order, and point blank refused to help locate it. So if you see a Postie wearing the home shirt, ask him where he got it from... This meant I had pay for a replacement shirt out of my own pocket, and I don't think that's entirely fair, considering I'm trying to do everyone a favour.

Paypal also attracts a $2 fee, due to the fact they are rip-off merchants. Alternatively, I accept electronic fund transfers and cold-hard cash.

When contacting me, I will need the following from you:
Home, Away, or Third kit
Shirt Size
Short or long sleeves (remember $11 will be added for long sleeves)
Posted or not ($8 for postage of up to three shirts)
For those that placed an order for the away kit or exchanged sizes... I'm still waiting for those to arrive. The club has dispatched them though, so you should receive them by next Friday at the latest.

I will most likely pre-order a couple of days before it actually goes on sale, so I'm going to set the deadlines at Thursday, 17 September for expressions of interest, and I must have the money in my account by Tuesday, 22 September.

As you can see I've had enough trouble with Australia Post and the Club shop as it is... please make it easier on me by ordering and paying sooner, rather than later.


  1. You're entitled to make a bit of a profit to cover your costs, mate. Make it $90.

  2. Yeah I probably am I suppose, but while I'm not a charity, I also am not here to rip-off fellow blues. But you're right, with the problems with the home kit order, I did end up making a loss.

    It would be appreciated if people threw a few extra bucks on top, but it's by no means mandatory.


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