Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manchester City v Blackburn Live Screening Update

Just a few things to go over before Saturday night's massive season opener.

The early kick-off is Chelsea v Hull at 9:45pm. Yeah I know, probably could have picked a better game to start, but if you want to see plenty of goals it should be quite entertaining. I'll most likely be there from 9:00 to play a couple of games of pool and to get a good spot, so feel free to drop by anytime from then.

There are six midnight kick-offs, however Blackburn v City is the main event! There's nothing worse than watching at a pub and the staff refuse to change the channel using the red button arrangement in case it will piss off the Rag fans watching. It's the default game on Fox Sports 3, and as a result the game will be shown in the downstairs amphitheatre, shown in the photo below.

I will also be accepting orders for both home and away kits his week, as I will be sending a few items back on Monday. So payment must be in by then. Alternatively, you can order and pay cash on the night if you prefer to do it that way.

So if you would like to order a kit, please do so on the Saturday for approximately $80 and leave your contact details if I don't have them already. I should warn however, no responsibility is taken by myself if this payment ends up in "Where's The Gold" instead...

Judging by the response the Facebook event has generated, it looks like there will be a few first-timers to Cheers on Saturday. If you like Manchester City, meeting new people, or singing and yelling at a television screen, you'll have a blast.


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