Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Massive Sydney Blues Weekend Part II: 6-a-side

Six brave souls took part in the supporters club six-a-side tournament in Manly. City turned up looking very dodgy from the night before and we were outnumbered, heavily. United had at least 20 and Everton had 50.

Our first match was against Liverpool. Early into the match our Christmas tree/blob formation was penetrated and the score was 1-0 to the bad guys. City kept things light and in good humour and before we know it, equalised.

The best was yet to come as we netted a further two goals and eventually won 3-2. After this we sat down and assessed the day, there were serious thoughts of silverware.

These were quickly dashed when the Scotland side gave us a 2-0 wake up call. With results and a determined effort we were a chance at the semi finals and had turned a few heads with our eclectic play and mismatched shirts. We created a bit of a stir when we wandered around to the United camp with a ukelele and sang a couple of tunes, including one about a trip to Rome to see the Pope. Everyone seemed to enjoy us being there and we were certainly having a laugh.

The next match saw a couple of injuries and a 7-0 defeat at the hands of AstonVilla. It could have been more. Lots more.

Finally the day rested on our result against Celtic. They were an awful opponent with no respect for the spirit of the day, other people and the English language. We lost 3-1 and they qualified for the semis ahead of us.

Everton won the tournament overall and were deserved. They were a class above everyone, and good sports to boot!

Anyone who said they would play (Matt) and didn't should hang their head in shame. It was an awesome day and hopefully next time we have a few more supporters.

Thanks lads for a top night/morning/day!

What fine specimens...

Brendo bombs the Rag's photoshoot.

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