Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Couple of changes to the Sydney Blues blog

Just giving you all a heads-up that there are a few changes I've made to the blog to hopefully make it a bit easier to navigate and keep it a little bit fresh.
  • I've removed the 'Blue Roos On Tour' gallery for now, but that will be updated in time once we get some more pictures from you guys. If you are an Australian (or an ex-pat of course) and you've been to a Manchester City match, simply send a photo of yourself and we'll upload it!
  • In its place, I've added a link for you to meet team here at the Sydney Blues. It has taken a lot of hard work by a select group of people to get the club to where it is today. Obviously the ADUG takeover has helped things considerably, but it's still been tough. So click here to read a little more about us.
  • When starting the blog, I decided I wouldn't get drawn in to writing match reports and blow-by-blow accounts of the games. It's a waste of time doing something that is provided by hundreds of other websites and City blogs... and to be honest they do it much better anyway.
    As a result, "match reports" on this website simply consist of four key points I noticed from the match, and a rating from A to F of how we played. I will also include the goal scorers and a link to highlights.
  • I will continually update the 2009 Fixtures page of the blog throughout the season, adding the scoreline and a link to the initial match report. So simply click here anytime to view all of this season's results.
  • Commenting on posts is a bit of a ball-ache with Blogger unfortunately... I think you need a Google account, then you have to log in, then send us three forms of identification, and then maybe your post can be published... but you can reach us in plenty of other ways by looking under the 'Connect With Us' column.
  • I've made a few cosmetic changes to the twitter to tie it in to the blog. We'll be using that service a lot more now, so you might like to follow us if you have it.
If you have any other suggestions as to how to improve the blog, let us know!

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