Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Kit pre-orders... Who's in?

According to the Official Site, the new home shirt will be available to pre-order from 9am (6pm here) on 1 July. The new adult shirt will retail at £36 for Seasoncard holders and £38 for Citycard members. Non-card holders can purchase it for £40. Add on £5 for long sleeves.

As mentioned in an earlier post, shipping to Australia for the kit will be a somewhat ludicrous £15 each (over $32AU). So once you've paid for the shirt and postage, you are looking at approximately $112 for a home shirt. And even then, there's no guarantee that it will fit...

Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea if all the Aussie Blues could pitch in to reduce to cost a bit. I knew it'd be cheaper, but to be honest I didn't think the savings would be as great as this:

Purchasing the kit individually
+ £40 for the home shirt
+ £15 for postage and handling
= £55 total, approximately $112.50AU.

Purchasing the kit in bulk
+ £36 for the home shirt, using my Seasoncard
+ £2.5o postage from UK, if the £15 is split across for instance, six ways (could be even less depending on orders)
+ £2.5o for me to pop it in an Australia Post satchel when it arrives ($6AU)
= £41 total, approximately $85AU.

That's a saving of almost $30, and you will save more for every person that gets involved. There's a further discount if you elect to pick it up from me personally at Cheers.

Be very wary when choosing your size. Not only are the sizes changed from the standard S-M-L to a chest measurement, they are apparently a slimmer, more tailored fit — unlike last year's tent-like kit. Please consult the Umbro guide to determine your approximate shirt size:

Also note that I can't accept orders for names and numbers — it is impossible to exchange the shirt if it's the wrong size or does not fit, and also we have no idea who will be wearing what number until closer to the season.

So, if you're interested, please get in contact with me in the variety of ways listed on the right hand side, preferably email. All expressions of interest should be placed by 8 July. I will get back to you with a quote after this date. Payment must be in my possession (ie. I have the funds) by 15 July. So please be organised and work it out before this date.

When contacting me, I will need the following from you:
Shirt Size
Short or long sleeves (remember $11 will be added for long sleeves)
Posted or not ($6 will be deducted if you elect to pick it up from Cheers)
Hope to hear from you soon, remember the more the merrier (and cheaper!)


  1. Oh and for Gavin, the shorts are £22 if you want another pair to wear to Cheers...


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