Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aussie Blues going to Eastlands?

If any Australian fans plan on attending any matches this season, please let me know.

I bit the bullet and purchased a season ticket for this campaign. "Why? How the bloody hell are you going to get to games?" I hear you ask.

Well for most matches, I'll transfer the ticket to another fan in Manchester for under the price of a walk-up purchase. Thus saving the lucky punter a few quid and eventually making back the money I outlaid for the seasoncard. So it's win/win.

Besides, by purchasing a season ticket now will secure me a seat forever, and you can bet your life as City becomes more and more successful there will soon be a waiting list to purchase.

But if there are any Australians wishing to travel to Eastlands for a match, there is a guaranteed seat in a mint position — not up in the gods. The seat is in the singing section, block 111, row U. Trust me, it's a good spot. And for cheaper than you'd be paying in Manchester.

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