Monday, May 10, 2010

A Reason For All City Fans to be Very Worried About Next Season

Well, that's it for another season for City fans all over the world. How do you feel about it?

When I was back in Manchester I was always quite glad to see the back of the football season - it meant it was cricket season, the sun would be shining, and rather than eating pies on a Saturday I'd be chucking them at the opposing batsman and maybe getting fit in the process!

I'm not gutted about the fifth place finish, although the official site seems to be delighted about our "highest ever finish" in the EPL. I'd really rather they didn't remind us of that failing.

I have, however realised that we've had something of an awful downside on us missing out on Champions League football and instead going into the Cup-Winners Cup Fairs Trophy UEFA Cup Euro Vase Europa League. Something all true football fans and City fans should be dreading.

Sunday football.

All Europa games are played on Thursday, meaning we're going to have to get used to those dreadful Sunday kick-offs next season. This might be a slight inconvenience for you guys back home, but think of us out here in Sydney! This means almost every kick off will be post-midnight and on a Sunday night. Great.

From memory, my friend who works for Blackburn Rovers fan told me that they didn't have a single home, Saturday 3pm game until December a couple of seasons ago! Now maybe I'm old fashioned, but I love all the games being on at the same time, getting into the habit of going to the game on a Saturday, making it part of your weekly routine. These dodgy kick-offs are not conducive to a happy family life either, but go on we must, and the WAGS will just have to suffer I suppose! Did anyone else quite enjoy all the drama unfolding yesterday? I must say there is something good about being in a pub with 5 separate games of football on the TV at the same time :)

Just to give you an idea of what us beleaguered Sydney Blues have to go through, check out our recent fixture list.

Next season awaits - and as much as I'm being a whinging Pom, I'll be back in Cheers watching.

Wherever you are in the world, the end of the season is time to relax, take stock, and chill out. Perhaps now is the time to treat the girlfriend to a weekend away somewhere, do some shopping, treat her right.

After all the World Cup is just around the corner and you're going to need some credit in the bank :)


  1. never mind mate, you,ll just have to go to work bog eyed.

  2. sorry mate, but as someone who cant go on a Saturday, i look forward to Sunday games.

  3. Why are you having to rely on a Blackburn fan's experience of playing SUnday games due to being in the Europa League (or UEFA Cup as was)? Can you not remember our lengthy run in the competition last season?


  4. Just move back to Manchester and stop being a 'Wingeing Pom'!

  5. We were in the same competition 08/09... whats the problem?

  6. I must admit that I don't like those Thursday/Sunday games although it is much more convenient for us here in Canada.

  7. Sky Plus it matey

  8. Yeah, but you get nine months worth of summer down there. Every cloud.

  9. Think yourself lucky that your not in my line of work, in security you work the most insane shifts going.

    One saturday your working the next your not, one sunday your working the next your not?

    Now just emagine those saturdays and sundays that your working are also match days.

    Get my drift, so seriously if I dont complain which I dont and am not then why should you.

    Get someone to record the game, take a day off, better even? Sunday is pretty much everyones days off.

    No matter where you are in the world, Sunday's are most peoples day of rest hence not having to work so I just dont see many people caring about matchdays on sunday.

    Now iff you want to make weekday matchdays an issue then Ill back you up, I hate weekday matchdays.

  10. Anonymous said...
    Just move back to Manchester and stop being a 'Wingeing Pom'!

    I agree with this!

  11. Cityblue.......I don't think that you realise that a 3pm in Manchester is either 12am, or 2am Monday morning here in Sydney, depending on daylight saving.


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