Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everyone's "Coming Home" for Derby Day!

The previously discussed Etihad 'Coming Home' competition has closed, and the winners are David and Steve Salt from Toronto, Canada. You can read a bit more about his win here, and read his original entry here.

It's a little bit ironic I guess that the Salt boys won — we submitted our entry for the Sydney Blues in the lead-up to the Liverpool home match, only to be devastated to find out that David's entry was selected ahead of us! And let's be honest, it's a fantastic story, with plenty of colour. It's well worth the read.

They ran a great facebook campaign, without resorting to spamming message boards and the City facebook like some other entries. They're deserving winners and we wish them both all the best.

In other Derby news, the amazing Ste (Ticket for Schalke) has been running a campaign on Manchester City forum 'Bluemoon' to get 75-year-old finalist Gordon Love over for the match.

The young lad has scraped together about £1100 in donations from the Bluemoon site and a facebook group to shout Gordon a flight from Melbourne to Manchester, but he could do with a bit more. If you want to help out, you can use the Donate button on the bottom right of this blog, and 100% of donations will be forwarded on to the fund.

It's people like Ste who make City great — who go out of their way to help fellow Blues. That's why, despite our new-found riches, we're still the real family club (sod Everton).

In addition to the Salts and Gordon, there will now be a total of three Sydney Blues at the match! Gav (the somewhat portly gentleman featured in our 'Coming Home' video) deciding that he too would like to go to the Derby — so he booked a flight on Thursday and is currently on his way to Abu Dhabi.

The lucky sod also managed to talk his way into an upgrade to business class, solely based on the fact he was wearing a City kit with 'Etihad' emblazoned on it at the time! So he joins fellow Cheers Bar regulars Andeh and Adz at the match in two weeks time. At this rate, there will be more Blues from Cheers Bar than in the actual bar come kick-off!

Speaking of which, don't forget the Derby is in two weeks time, kicking off at the delicious time of 9:45pm in Sydney. So there's no excuse — if you've never been to Cheers for a match, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved. There'll be more info posted about this in the coming days.

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