Monday, December 21, 2009

Mark Hughes' Final Interview?

"Obviously, it is very disappointing to be leaving Manchester City at this time. I am delighted with the job that I have done and am satisfied in that respect."

"We've come through a difficult period, when I first arrived we lacked ability in key areas. We've obviously benefited in terms of resources, but the key factor is that we've been able to improve not only the team, but the long-term future of the club, which is what we were trying to do here."

"This season, we've obviously improved the quality throughout the whole squad, but often we weren't dynamic enough for long periods. On occasions, we were missing a number of key personnel, and because of this we failed to kill off teams and to ask enough questions of the opposition."

"It's disappointing because I've always felt my teams are stronger in the second half of the season."


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