Friday, December 18, 2009

Adz on the current situation

Sydney Blues member Adam McKnight takes some time out of his World Tour Of The World to share his thoughts on the dilemma at City. Use the comments page to have your say.

The Positives

We are owned by the most generous football owners in the world. For me it’s not a matter of if, it’s when. They have upgraded the club completely from the basics in infrastructure, to the talent within the squad. They have a winning mentality and they want us to become a powerhouse in world football. They would be watching our reactions and making their opinion on Mark Hughes like the rest of us. They are patient business people with realistic goals. Until they can acquire the services of someone more suited to the role then Hughes won't be going anywhere (at least til seasons end). You take a look at Pompey, Notts County and whoever else to see that our owners are the real deal, we should be so ever grateful.

We are into our first semi-final in years and could be lining up at Wembley. The sheer prospect of another date with Wembley is mouthwatering and at the start of the season if you said you can have a cup final and a top 6 finish (which our owners outlaid) I would have taken it in a flash.

The squad is the most talented we have had in years and the potential they could reach is that of the top 4 standard. The game vs Chelsea was one of the most inspiring performances I've seen from city outfit in a very long time and if Hughes can find a bit more winning stability, the one that he has found in drawing then we could be onto something special and long term.

The Negatives

I won’t comment on the money but it’s a lot, luckily for us our owners have long pockets. Mark Hughes has done a ‘ok’ job and guided us into a position to challenge the top 6, but is he capable of doing any more then that? His tactics at times have been awful and when people come out and blame Sylvinho for being caught out vs Spurs, we all must remember that he was a signing of Hughes… and not the right one.

The biggest frustration is all the draws. So many "wastes of two-points" and if we had somehow got a goal or killed of the games then we would be right up there this year (which is the most weakened league for years). If we had won these games then people would be calling Hughes a masterstroke, but we are not.

The other negative is the sheer negativity of supporting Hughes. I for one am not his biggest fan, nor do I think his the man to take us forward. However if the owners support him, then we should support the owners. They have pumped a lot of money into the club and let us dream of bigger and better things.

At The End Of The Day

We are sitting nicely in the league and over the Christmas period we can notch up some points against some weaker teams. Beat United at home then we will be sitting pretty again. The season is not even half way through yet and people want to make conclusions.

Our owners will be watching patiently and they will make the right decision, at the right time. Yes I’d love to be playing Champions League football and holding up some form of silverware, but I know if it doesn’t happen this year, then it’ll happen next year.

Keep the faith lads, and lets sing our hearts out til the seasons end. Then make our conclusions.

City 'til we die,

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