Monday, April 18, 2011

Rags in Sydney — They Do Exist!

I usually leave the "merciless slagging of opposition supporters" to the tosser at Republik of Mancunia (don't visit the site, it's bad for your health), but I couldn't resist on this occasion. I stumbled upon this on Saturday night... it's a membership form for the Manchester United Supporters Club of NSW.

Until now, it was only rumour that this organisation still existed — considering they can't even get a team together to play in the five-a-side tournaments anymore. After a quick perusal at this membership form, it's no wonder why they're so anonymous.

Now at the Sydney Blues, I know we've always tried to be as inclusive as possible and it's never been about making money. It's about getting as many people in Blue shirts yelling at a television screen as possible, and spreading the word about City in a country infested by Rags.

We offered scarves this season (which went down a treat apparently, considering we ordered thirty and have none left), as a way for fans to spread the word all over the globe. They've been sighted in Manchester a few time since, and even popped up in Ukraine and Greece.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Rags supporters club apparently has the hide to charge $60 a season for a membership card, and er... a t-shirt. And a monthly magazine.

Unfortunately, we don't offer a snazzy membership card, but you do get a lifetime subscription to this fine website. And the pleasure of our company, of course.

Next season, we will most likely have "proper" membership (yes, you can get a card if you like), and that will also entitle us to a place in the queue for tickets, in case we feel like a pilgrimage to Wembers again.

Rest assured, it won't be $60. How obscene.

[Edit by Gav - we weren't going to link to their site, but this is too good to pass up - have a look at the final photo of the set. Check out Sydney Blue stalwart, Brendo doing some awesome photbombing!!!]


  1. honestly are united fans that stupid that they have to be reminded that anything preceding with a "www." constitutes an "internet address". Stupid Rags!

  2. They do have a FANTASTIC picture on their website, though. Check out the final picture of the series, and look carefully!

  3. ha ha so this need to fleece the fans runs throughout their sad club even to their supporters clubs! ha ha they are so pathetic!
    just a word on the semi guys, how sweet was it to watch ferdinand crying like a baby? christ he made balotelli look mature! ha ha and the balotelli wink was pure genius! just made a great day even better!.loved it!

  4. Well Well i see you havent much to put on your site boys, thanks for the advertising weve actualy got members throught this add cheers, oh and sorry for the thumping you got from us at the 5 a side tournament at curl curl 3-1 eh your boys looked like they had a few to many beers, any more advertising greatly appreciated

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