Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Didn't Start The Fire (a.k.a 'The Season So Far')

With City's next match still the best part of a week away, things are a little slow — so I asked Billy Joel if he'd like to give his take on Manchester City's season to date (as you know, New York is a City stronghold). He said he'll knock something up, but he had some drink-driving to do first. Here's the result.

Gareth Barry, Stuart Taylor
Con-fed Cup and Vuvuzelas
Santa Cruz, Hart to Blues
No Samuel Eto'o.

Caicedo gone, Elano too
Hughesy signs Emmanuel
Brand new kits, Lescott bids
Jo back out on loan.

Carlos Tevez, Old Firm
Wins at Wolves and Blackburn,
Crystal Palace, and Bar-ce-lon-a away

Ben Haim, Richard Dunne
City's brand new captain
Ade's stamp
Van Persie's face
Lose four-three on Derby Day!
We didn't ruin football.
They were always lending but now "too much spending!"
We didn't ruin football.
No the 'Sky Four' made it but we might just raid it.
Point at Wigan, Robi off?
Back to bench for Petrov
Dunney's header
Johnno's better
Half the team is crocked

Draw with Hull
Birmingham and
Burnley too
Tev-ez ave-rage?
Hughes to lose his job?

Bolton, Tott-nam
Hughes last game at Sunderland
Carling Cup win
Carlos goals
Conf'rence for Roberto

Robbie scores
Goes on loan to
Adam J
Derby Days
Even more for Tevez!
We didn't ruin football.
They were always lending but now "too much spending!"
We didn't ruin football.
No the 'Sky Four' made it but we might just raid it.
February and March
George Boateng
We drop points at Hull again
Shaun goals
Long throws
Rory gives
Cup woes

Delap hauls it
long this time
Terror on the goal-line
Shay won't come out to collect
Shawcross heads it in the net

Katie Tevez
Doing fine
Sydney Blues play five-a-side

Trafford's debts
Left unchecked
Bridge rejects

Liverpool a scoreless draw!
Banner still reads thirty-four!
Lose and "Bobby's out the door!"
I can't take it anymore!
We didn't ruin football.
They were always lending but now "too much spending!"
We didn't ruin football.
But when we are fourth, Blues will march on and on and on and on...

You can watch the original here, and see just how much I butchered it. You will have to skip the verses from 1:39 through to 2:56 though — not enough months in a year!

But yeah, sorry Billy for ruining a great song.


  1. Nice one, a lot of thought went into that, well done. Changing tac I see that Frank Lampard say's if Chelsea win the League that it will be down to City for the beating we gave them at The Bridge ! Funny way of looking at it considering we've done everything possible to prevent them winning the Title, Frank, my old fruit CITY TOOK 6 POINTS OFF YOU !!!! SCORING 6 IN THE PROCESS !!! Neil, exiled Blue in San Antonio, Texas

  2. P.s How many Blues have you got down there in Sydney ? I hear tell it's blossoming, keep it up lad's and lasses and UP THE BLUES, oh and nice one Wigan tonight, the Fat Waiter at Anfield is on thin ice coz no way they will beat us to 4th !!

  3. All the City fans are in Sydney...what about Melbun where I am???

    Exiled Blue Manc

  4. any gold coasters?
    ed manc

  5. Funnily enough, short arse (Billys Nickname among the NY faithful) was in the Mad Hatter for the Chelsea game and he sang a cracker to the tune of Piano Man, it went a something like this,
    Score us a goal Stevie Iyer-land,
    Score us a goal if you can
    We'll forgive all the sadness,
    You've caused by your badness,
    But we cant say the same for your Nan.

    Pity he never played, Jonesey.

  6. @mrsneilblin
    We're trying hard. A lot of late nights at the pub and all the work we are doing on the 'net and the like is starting to pay off. There were always Blues in Sydney, the hardest part is trying to get them in the one place at the one time! We try to create the best footy watching experience possible... Inclusive, yet noisy. Like the terraces used to be like...

    @Exiled and Ed Manc
    The latest post should interest you. Try www.mcfcaustraliahq.com and see if there's anything happening in your area. The Sydney Blues started with just two almost three years ago. That's all it takes.


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