Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Heart of the City... surely it's us?

City were nice enough to make a competition that suits us down to a tee!

It's called the "Heart of the City", and they want to know which is the best place to watch the Blues in Australia. And I reckon it's a two horse race between us and the fine folk at Perth's Kangaroo Arms.

Check out the details here.
We're putting the call out to City fans Down Under to tell us where Australia's Heart of the City is.

If you're based in one of Australia's big cities and you gather with your mates at a bar or a social club to watch the Blues in action, we want to hear from you!

The club, in partnership with Umbro, are producing 20 "Heart of the City" plaques which will be sent out to places where Blues fans congregate in cities all around the world.

So far the NRG bar in Abu Dhabi and the Mad Hatter in New York City are proudly displaying their blue moon-themed plaque. Now we want City fans in Australia to tell us all about where they watch the Blues while sampling the old amber nectar and why their watering hole deserves the next one.

It could be in the sub-tropical climes of Brisbane, overlooking Sydney's world-famous Bondi beach or on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Perth.

If you and your friends have a favourite place where you regularly gather to watch City games in Australia, drop us a line. Email any details, stories and photos of your suggested Heart of the City to
We've got enough photos, video, and anecdotes to give this competition a shake — it would be a nice gift for Gerard and the team at Cheers who really do look after us.

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  1. Dear Sydney Blues,
    I would like to compliment you on a excellent video production of coming home with Etihad, however, you let yourself down with the very poor dialogue, In that you openly found the time to criticise an entry of a fellow blue citizen, an entry that would have been one of the original four that were selected, so all the entries that came after that would have had the opportunity to say "I can do better that" hence the video's.

    A remark was made about a sob story, the very foundations that MCFC was built on, all came from Sob stories, two world wars, depressions, men looking for an escape for two hours, and they found it at a football match, I know because I was there and saw it for my self just after the second world war. So Maine road became my home, sometimes my only home.

    I'm so sorry your entry didn't make it, so if I win the competition I would love to take Blue Roo to Manchester with me, that's if you can get him over to Perth, And I would love to drop in on
    you guys at Cheers and say hello, whenever I get over to Sydney.

    All the very best over there. Up the Blues!!!


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