Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Liverpool v Sydney Blues live screening details

We're expecting a massive turnout this Saturday night for the clash between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Liverpool have a decent support base at Cheers (it's still an Irish pub after all), so we need as many of the George Street Hooligans there as we can muster. Kick off is at the relatively viewer friendly time of 11:45pm.

If possible, please bring beach balls, preferably in red if you have them. We're looking to wind-up the Dipper fans, and that goal against Sunderland is still as funny now as it was last month.

Gerrard may be a chance to play, but nevertheless Liverpool will still be without Torres. So we're a good chance of picking up points at Anfield for the second season running.

We'll have numbers arriving from around 10pm, we're going to try to secure the tables at the centre-right of the downstairs amphitheatre again (where we were for the Derby).

Hope to see you all there!


  1. Guys - My mate Riggers and I came down for the Fulham game and found it was delayed until the Sunday due to Europa League matches on the Thursday. Please be midful that Liverpool may be playing in the Europa league on Thursday 18th which might just rain on your parade. We want to come to this party but we'll need to know aht's happening first. Here's the link to the Europa league dates:

    Cheers guys

    Rob Matthews

  2. Ta mate, thanks for the heads-up. On form though, Liverpool will be out of the competition by then anyway...


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