Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Supporters Club 6-a-side Tournament Update

Originally it looked like there wasn't much in this, but we have had interest from ex-City player Spencer Prior, who is keen for us to join in. There is also a possibilty of Simon Hill from Fox Sports, and a camera crew covering our progress on the day.

So if you are keen, we need to know straight away. Either call me on 0408 22 12 42 or Gav on 0466 55 44 28.

Originally posted on Saturday, July 4, 2009
I recently received an email from Lee Sutherland on behalf of TNT magazine, informing us of a Futsal tournament involving Supporters Clubs such as ourselves.
"The tournament will be held on Sunday 16 August from 11am, through to around 5pm. It is on the synthetic pitches at Manly Vale-Calabria Bowling Club, Campbell Parade, Manly Vale. It is six-a-side, with squads of up to twelve players.

Match officials and Match rules plus all other football related issues will be managed by who will ensure that all runs smoothly, a full copy of the rules will be sent out prior to the event to ensure there is total clarity.

The event will consist of group stages to ensure all teams get to enjoy a few games with the top two from each group progressing into the knockout stages and ultimately the final.

The tournament will run regardless of weather as the pitches we are using can easily withstand rainy conditions.

The event will obviously feature in a double page spread in our magazine the following week, might even stretch to three, all teams will receive copies of this issue, team photos will also be provided as well as pictures being taken throughout the day.

Post tournament we will have a presentation in the Bar area to the winning team and I’m currently working on getting other prizes for Golden Boot etc.

Costing of the day is $170 per squad, this covers venue hire, pitch hire, trophies, officials, equipment, prizes etc – the more people in the squad the cheaper it becomes."
Now I've seen most of you at Cheers for matches, and judging by the athletic specimens that turn up there, we will get absolutely flogged. But I suppose being City fans, we're quite accustomed to losing...

I'm not overly keen, but I just thought I'd throw it out there and see who is interested. Not sure we'd have sufficient numbers or talent to make it worthwhile. We could always rely on ring-ins if need be, so any proper footballing mates are welcome. Doesn't Spencer Prior live out that way?

Obviously, we would be representing Manchester City, and will have to dress accordingly. I reckon the new kits will be arriving pretty close to that date, so wear those. If not, I can sort you out with a shirt for the day. It's a futsal court, so I'm quite certain you won't need studs.

So, what do you lads think? Let me know...

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